The Initial Survey at Harvey Field

In January 2011, the Tiger was given an external survey prior to purchase negotiations.  A number of issues were found - some obvious - some less so,
but all confirming that a total restoration would be necessary.

The first sign of trouble - slack fabric on the port fuselage side.

On  the starboard side, the datum bolt, which should be high tensile steel, was found to be made of mild steel.

There was no gap between the port aileron and the wing at the trailing edge.

A broken rib in the starboard upper.

And another in the port lower.

The starboard wing tie-down had broken at some point, so someone decided that it would be a good idea to take the rope
around the forward interplane strut and flying wires.  Note the result - a bent incidence wire.

The tie-down was immediately replaced with a serviceable item.

The front cockpit showing a patch on the fabric on the port side - more evidence of problems.

And the cause of the slack fabric - a buckled vertical member in the port sideframe - no doubt caused by a particularly heavy landing.
This old stager will not feel the wind under its wings until this is properly repaired.

The Sensenich propeller had suffered badly from being exposed to the elements at the front of the open T hangar for many winters.
When it came time to remove it from the hub, it was extremely reluctant to shift.  A firm slap on one of the blades sent the rotten tip
of the blade flying across the tarmac!

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